Turnaround Inspection Management

Turnarounds are costly in terms of lost production. In many respects a turnaround can be even more complicated than the initial construction of the facility, so a carefully designed plan will reduce overall costs. Turnaround planning should begin long before the anticipated turnaround is to take place.

I2C can provide qualified and experienced personnel to handle turnaround planning and scheduling, manage turnaround activities, and assist in the startup of facilities to maximize production.

Pre-Turnaround Inspections

I2C retains world-class inspectors certified to API 510, 570 and 653 etc. that have significant experience in project management of pre-turnaround activities. Our experience in planning inspection activities, repairs, and associated logistics is unsurpassed by any inspection company in the industry.

Turnaround Inspections

I2C has an extremely innovative approach to our turnaround inspection services. We provide the highest quality equipment inspection services while reducing a facility’s turnaround contract inspection costs. References are available upon request, so you can be assured we are not wasting your time or money. All TA inspection teams are not created equal and we pride ourselves on showing you we are the best in industry. Our fully electronic reporting processes provide a means for the client to have inspection findings in merely minutes. Reports can be submitted and approved literally before the inspector is out of the vessel or back from the field. Our proprietary reporting software (N2Reports) ensures rapid report delivery along with consistent and thorough reports that are clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Post Turnaround Documentation

I2C can update your PSM data through our previously mentioned proprietary reporting software (N2Reports). N2Reports provides a means to electronically update your asset management software by integrating and uploading recent inspection data directly into your software (regardless of software type, we have successfully completed projects with PCMS, Capstone, and Ultrapipe). We can assist with pre start-up safety reviews, update corrosion monitoring programs, review management of change (MOC) documentation, and perform post-turnaround PHA validations.