Piping Circuitization and Engineering Review

Goal of piping circuitization and engineering review is to assure regulatory and corporate compliance, and ensure reliable use of piping (and equipment) for finite run times, while measuring, managing and minimizing risks and eliminating non-value adding activities and costs.

I2C’s circuitization process separates piping into segments that are expected to have similar types and levels of degradation. Calculations are performed to ensure that all components are satisfactory and both their current and circuitized conditions. Commonly this is a step that is overlooked and not typical for our competition. This ensures that all piping components will happily coexist when combined without issue. In addition, while conventional circuitization techniques marked circuits on either hardcopy P&IDs or Adobe Acrobat electronic versions, I2C provides direct AutoCAD® overlay on the facility’s controlled P&IDs. That way, piping circuit definition is incorporated with P&ID updates and the Management of Change process.